This may be difficult without  having a plugin within the s_code.js.  The HTML 5  player is based on how each browser decides to support the w3c specification. There are people building wrappers around that. video.js is an example and I know that Brightcove is currently working on one. (they have one but it basic) I havent seen anyone come up with an api for their HTML 5 wrapper yet.  It will most likely be a JS plugin and will need to take advantage ofr a video js framework for cross browser support.



That's what I meant. The media-module is already a JS component and should be able to listen to the HTML5 video events.



Did anyone come up with a solution to track html 5 video events using the media module. I am using JW player to track video on my full site. However, video tracking breaks html5 video on iOS. Is there a plugin which will allows for tracking html5 video?