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kevinthegreat 28-04-2010

I have a few temporary (mini site) report suites that I wanted deleted or hid. It would be nice if I can do this through SiteCatalyst instead of having to contact customer service for help with this.

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Great idea. Am I correct in assuming the following?

1. This setting would appear in the Admin Console, where all report suites would be visible.

2. Once hidden, a report suite would disappear from SiteCatalyst, Discover, ExcelClient, Report Builder, ClickMap...everywhere, right?


Makes a lot of sense. I'm curious to see how many users need this.

dan_grainger 05-10-2010

Just the issue I came across yesterday...


We have a main .com website and then a whole series of small partner websites, so I have report suites for each. I set two new ones up yesterday but then accidentally duplicated one, so had to contact Client Care to remove it. It'd be great if there was some simple functionality in the SiteCatalyst admin console that would:

- Allow you to hide a report suite for future use

- Allow you to completely remove a report suite.

tim_elleston 29-10-2010

Totally agree - would definitely use this feature.  We have dozens of report suites, some are in use, some are old campaign suites, some are dev suites.  Great to be able to hide them in the admin, but also be able to unhide if we needed them in the future.



dannymiller 06-04-2011

I agree, we have tons of report suites, many of which receive no traffic.  It would be nice to be able to see # of server calls in the last month, year and be able to turn them off.


In addition to this, it would be nice if by turning the suite off, no server calls can be made to the report suite.  A mistake was made and now I have two report suites receiving the same traffic.  I am told the only way to prevent these server calls from being recorded (and thus counting against my overage) is to modify the s_code file.  This will take me weeks to get IT resources and migrate the change to production.


Also, being able to unhide would be nice in case we made a mistake.

jenniferd532572 11-10-2019

This function has existed for years....

In Analytics go to Admin > Company Settings.

Under Management there is an item called "Hide Report Suites"


In here, check all the report suits you want to hide.

(update: I just noticed this is a really old thread, even though it's marked as "New Idea", but this existed way back then too)