Give Clients the Ability to Align Classifications Across Multiple Report Suites



We have 38 actively used report suites.  Classifications require back end div IDs to be aligned across all 38 in order to create a classification on a variable. When one report suite is misaligned, there is no way to easily identify which report suite is misaligned or to update all report suites with new classification or div values at the same time. You would need to manually click through all report suites to identify the delta, delete, and realign. ALL manually.

Occasionally as well, you may have a report suite with the same friendly named classifications, but the back end div IDs could be out of sync depending on how they were created in the past.  There is no way to see the div IDs in the client facing UI to know which one is misaligned. Again, the only way to correct this is to delete all classifications in all report suites and start over.

I would LOVE to see new functionality in this area of the admin UI.  Something similar to processing rules where you can work in one report suite and copy to multiple report suites would be ideal, or at the very least exposing the div IDs and a difference view across report suites (similar to the variable portion of the UI where you can click on "multiple" to see the differences by report suite).

For all our report suites, length of time our account has been around, and amount of classifications we use, this would be a HUGE time saver for us and client care.



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FULLY AGREE!!! It is a pain to streamline all classifications if they are not or only partly identical with each other.