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Folder manager to organize workspace projects


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We have seen our organization use workspace widely. And a power user has lot many projects created. Currently workspace doesn't support any folder management and it has a plain search to find the report. And this makes it difficult to access projects in future when it is required.

It also reduces the visibility of Admin shared projects. As a result, users within org end up creating their own projects to answer their questions instead leveraging admin shared/authorized projects. Net-net, this also pulls down org efficiency



Community Advisor


i think you mentioned some good reasons to use

a) propper tagging (with global convention/dictionary)

b) describe the projects in the description fields

c) use „approve“ to mark reviewed projects (or whatever you want to use this for)

d) use „star“ to mark the best workspaces (eg. templates)

e) use a „global user“ to share/approve/confirm projects, metrics ... as a single point of „trust“

f) use „share“ as needed

g) use access management to restrict some options

h) use virtual report suites to filter data before used by business

i hope you can use some of those ideas to get a better use of the existing sorting/filtering functionalities ...