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In principle, the new menu looks cooler -- is more sleek -- but everything is much harder to find, with many more clicks needed in order to to find what is needed. Yes, we could use the search box, but Adobe's desire for us to use the search box doesn't mean they should make the UI for the menuing system worse.



have had several users complain on this and agree.  terrible.



It's awful - way too many clicks to find things. Am amazed this passed any usability test.


And why do the menu items have to be so big (ie Tall) anyway?  On my laptop FF browser with one toolbar,  there's room for only 9 items below Reports & Analytics and Favorites. It shouldn't be necessary to have to scroll the main left nav.





We hear you on this, and we have been working (even prior to the last release) on the next phases of improvements to help you access your data and insights more effectively. Please continue to comment and vote and share ideas for ways that you'd like to access your data! Don't limit yourselves, either; going back to a previous version of the navigation is one option, but if there are better ways, we'd like to think about those too! 



old menu navigation was better than this new menu.




The original flyout menu gave you the context of where you were within the menu structure which is what has been lost with the new version.




The new method is much slower to navigate. The old method was better. However, the old menus were annoying because they would run off the page. If you had flyout menus that would resize the accomodate the page size, that would be great. Or, to make it more mobile friendly, you could have multiple panes that push out from the side like Reeder:  


The page content would be on the far right and would be pushed over for different menu levels.


Search could also be improved so that it gives a little more context. Then you wouldn't need to use the menus as much. But at the moment, when you search for, say, page name you can't tell if you'll be clicking on the eVar version or the Site Content version until you've clicked through. Add context to search, and I'll hardly use the menus.



very time consuming. especially for people who are unfamiliar with the software or lite users. spend a lot of time clicking back and forth. they don't know where certain reports are bucketed.



Agree with the detractors here. The changes to the UI behaviour on the left nav are frankly ridiculous. The design is quite disorientating because you no longer know where you are exactly! I hope they quickly change this or at least revert back to the old version until they figure out a better UX. 


I also don't like the changes to the segment UX. Now it takes a few seconds for the segments to appear.