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Fixing the iPad detection


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Hi Everyone,

since the launch of Apples iPad OS in September 2019 we see a huge shift in visits from "Tablets" to "Desktop Devices". Reason for this is the User Agent that´s submitted by Safari, declaring iPads as Macs. 

A deep look into our data showed that more that 60% of Tablet visits on our Website were reported as Desktop Device (Mac). This caused many problems on our end. All device specific KPIs, including our sales Conversionrates, are not correct. For example: Adobe Analytics shows a Tablet Visit share of 3%. It should be around 10%.


Sadly this is still the case in our Adobe Analytics Reports. So it seems that Adobe ist still not able to fix this from their end. Since more that a year now.


We did a workaround on our own and had to recreate all used segments that are referencing to device types.


Here the workaround we used for our data: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58019463/how-to-detect-device-name-in-safari-on-ios-13-while-it-...

In case of an existing multitouch device we write a value into an eVar. When there is a combination of "Device Type = Other" and "multitouch = true" we know it should be Tablet instead of Desktop.


I really would appreciate a fix by Adobe directly. But as Google still were not able to fix it for Google Analytics as well, it might be more difficult than it seems from my end.


Feedback is appreciated.

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