Feature Request: Schedule Alerts



I would like a feature that would allow us to schedule or control what time the Adobe Alerts run.

Currently Alerts run around midnight or 12:30am.

For our particular business, we upload the Revenue and Orders (from our partners) the next morning around 8:00am.  However, all of the Adobe alerts run around midnight, so I get alerts that revenue is $0 (and anomalous) and conversion rate is 0% (and anomalous) because they are running several hours before our systems populate Adobe.  If I were allowed to schedule my alerts in the morning, after Revenue & Orders were uploaded in Adobe, then the alerts would be so much more useful.

For now I have had to delete all references to revenue and orders in all of my Alerts, which really limits their usefulness.  My Alerts would be so much more robust and helpful if I could keep Revenue, Revenue/Visit, eCPM, Orders, Conversion Rate, etc. due to scheduling them in the morning, instead of midnight.

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To add to this, I'd like to schedule an alert at X mins past the hour.  I notice that when using alerts with Data Sources, the alert  triggers mid processing before all the data is available to make a decision for the alert