Feature request for including the "login as user" functionality to the new EC Admin Console



We use this feature very frequently in order to trouble shoot or to make authorized changes for users who don't have the time or don't have access to the EC at the time required. It would be very important for us to still have this functionality within the EC Admin Console.

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Susanne Steinke

Deutsche Post DHL

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I use it often to trouble shoot users (as opposed to troubleshoot tool permissions). For example:

  • visually look what the user might be seeing based on some badly worded ticket to clarify the problem
  • make custom, one-off segments on a users behalf, of fix segments they have created.
  • create custom one-off metrics on a users behalf. (Not worth sharing).
  • review a report they have saved or have had shared with them by someone else and have questions about.
  • fix a dashboard or report they are creating and having difficulty with.