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When creating new report suites, we're given the ability to copy an existing one. However, that copy only takes care of props, eVars and events.  There are some other settings that would need to be turned on still.  Examples include GeoSegmentation, Participation, List varibles, Hierarchy separators, etc.


If there was a way to see and compare all of the settings that are currently enabled on report suites, it would be much easier to make sure everything that needs to be enabled is taken care of.

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We find that the configuration of variables and their properties is very scattered throughout the SiteCatalyst interface, with some of the options being only available to Clientcare. So for example, we can open traffic variables configuration, but this does not show which props are list props (and their delimiters).

To see if pathing is enabled for a specific prop, say prop3, we first need to look at the traffic variables configuration to see what it is called in the interface and then find the corresponding menu item with the additional pathing options (to be complete - should check if the variable is visible in the menu configuration).


As a result, before we do an implementation, we make a testplan that contains all configuration data: props, evars, events, but also information on Full subrelations, list props, 2-way correlations, visits and visitors on evars, and so on. The configuration is then done on the basis of this document, using the admin interface and instructing Clientcare.


In case of questions afterwards, troubleshooting on a specific reportsuite or consistency in configuration between reportsuites it would be very convenient to have an overview of the complete configuration of a reportsuite. The admin interface (admin > admin console > report suites) allows for downloading a configuration file, which is fairly extensive, but as far as we can tell does not give information on the options that Clientcare needs to enable. Furthermore, some of the options are not directly insightful e.g. "Data Correlation - Data Correlation of size 2".


Is it possible to extend the available downloadable file with the configuration information (mostly enabled by Clientcare ) it is not showing at the moment?



I fully endorse... this is valuable



Coming soon!



Pleased to report that this has now been implemented. When you create a new report suite using an existing report suite as a template, the settings you mentioned should now be copied. Additionally, we have exposed more settings to you once a suite has been created. You can control GeoSegmentation, participation, pathing, and more. And control of list variables is coming very soon!