Export Analysis Workspaces into Report Builder Formatted Deliverables



The workflow of discovery in Analysis workspace, and curation is fantastic! Thank you for the years of work and great experience. Building on that workflow, ideally we could make complex queries (workspace) that could be "designed" by the teams (personas) and then graduate into standing Report Builder enabled reporting.

This is great for two reasons in true multi-national environments where multiple brands and geographies are required to be accounted for in thinking and process.

     1. The "common elements" (Usually 80% repeated by market) are then accessible in an area where we can further reduce the audience as needed by simply      adapting filtering capabilities or by many other segmentation abilities in RB downstream.

     2. For companies that have vendor, owner and franchise models, in RB the end user (quarterback from marketing to end user) can then "lock down" the data by      rendering the view for a single property, brand, product, owner, franchise etc to further reflect the complexities of the legal relationships companies have with their      own ownership and business models. (Travel is heavily skewed with this consideration in mind)

*The hidden value is that in RB, the analyst can then continue to slice and dice the data at the end user level, change formats or communicate in a standard and repeatable medium both in a SaaS Multi-tennant environment (Workspace) but also in a static environment where considerations held in banking, finance, law and other sensitive areas can be respected.

Please and thanks!

~El Barto

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Love the idea - we are definitely considering this.