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Expand Dashboard Functionality of layout style for individual pages


Level 2


1. Add the ability to choose a layout for each individual page within your
dashboard; for example, due to the content I am putting in my pages, I may
want one of them to be "landscape" and one of them to be "portrait", rather
then having to choose either all landscape or all portrait.

2. Give us a "check box" option if we have a report to continue on to the next
page. For example if we have a report that we want to show data for that would
not all show up in one page, the ability to continue the data on to another
page would be great. Portrait only gives us a 2 column page, we need a 3
column page (which would be landscape) that will allow us to continue the data
on to a second page or multiple pages. That option would be helpful for both
landscape and portrait.