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Exclude IP - Bulk, Regular Expressions and Multiple Report Suites


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Many of you probably will have realized that excluding IP's on multiple report suites is a time-consuming task and a really annoying thing.


Here's my idea to improve that topic:


1- Would be good to be able to upload many IP's from a spreadsheet (by uploading the file, or just copypasting a couple columns -like Adwords Editor method-). Also, there's a 50 IP limit that should be increased at least to 500 IP.


2- When trying to use regex to exclude ranges of IP's, such as 199.1.0.(19-57), isn't possible. You just can exclude the entire range using an * (this should be modified to be able to specify a data range, not the entire position)


3- And the last one, but maybe the most important... You should be able to apply the same IP exclusion on multiple report suites easily. So, an "Apply to Multiple Report suites" option should be available.


What do you think about? Have you ever experienced the pleasure of excluding more than 40 different IP's in 20 different report suites, one by one? Smiley Very Happy


Leave your comments! ^^



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Marti - this is not an exciting one but I feel your pain as i'm going through this process as we speak. I feel too bad to delegate to my team Smiley Tongue


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"Have you ever experienced the pleasure of excluding more than 40 different IP's in 20 different report suites, one by one? "


This is exactly what I am taking pleasure in doing now LOL


My issue is that I have CIRD values, 40 of them. Each contains a range from 8 to 16 IP addresses.


I can only exclude 50 using Exclude By Cookie/IP Address. What do I do with the rest?


My suggestions second yours and would be around:


1. Enable CIRD format to add IP Address based exclusions


2. Of not CIRD at least ranges but not individual 50 address


3. Enable bulk 'reactivate' of excluded IP address.

Imagine clicking to 'reactive' every IP address individually, then waiting a pop-up to ask me to confirm 'yup, thats what I want to do',  and then for the page to refresh – repeat for all 50. And it is after entering them digit-by-digit 11*40=440 digits per RS.


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Agreed with all these points. I would particularly like to at least see the ability to apply IP exclusions across multiple (or all) report suites rather than going one by one throuch each.


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A year down the track and yet another Analytics implementation from scratch.


I am setting up 3 report suites and filters are to be applied as well .... 


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Would love to get this resolved - we have so many offices, vendors, and remote workers that 50 is just not enough. Even allowing regular expressions would help us tremendously.

Google does a much better job at this!!!


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Adobe doesn't help the little guy much.  We need a bulk way of doing this.  With bots, qa tests, etc.  now there are price scratchers, ai scanners, etc.  so dumb.