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Excel-like Formula Comparisons in Discover


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I would like to see Omniture add more functionality to the "Compare" feature in DIscover.  Here is an example:


Let's say I have the same metric for 2 segments as shown below.  Now I want to divide one by the other to make a ratio.  Currently, there is no way to do this.  All you can do is find the difference between the two or a difference %.  This is easy to do in Excel, but you have to download the data table and then trend it there.  It woudl be great if I could create a comparison below that divides "3 pages or Less" by "4 pages or More" for the Visits metric. and show it as a new column and then trend it.




There are many other formulas I might also like to do.  The goal should be to not have to always go to Excel...

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I couldn't agree with this request any more.  I have run into this countless times.

Please, Please, Please consider this idea!!!