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Ensure proper 301 redirects on documentation links when things are moved


Community Advisor


Note: this isn't limited to Analytics, but Adobe's Documentation Infrastructure as a whole.


Description -

While this may be hard to go back in time to achieve, I have seen a number of complaints and felt the pain myself... Either bookmarking something I would use frequently, like the Raw Data Column Reference (which has been moved about 4 times), or finding old links in Experience League... 


Many of the old posts still offer a wealth of information; but they are lessened by the fact that half the reference links are broken.


Why is this feature important to you -


We all rely on documentation, and being able to find that documentation quickly and easily is of utmost importance. Adobe being such a long running company, it's understandable that the documentation would move from place to place... what is not understandable is why basic functionality like using 301 redirects to keep all the varied in-links functional was skipped.




How would you like the feature to work -


When moving documents, ensure that proper 301 redirects are in place to make sure users end up in the correct location. Review all your 404 pages and make sure that old documentation links have 301 directs created for them to try and fix all the lost value that exists in the Experience League and other resources aimed at supporting the Adobe Community as a whole.




Current Behaviour -


So much history has been lost over the years due to document migrations that didn't include proper 301 redirects...