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Enable users to map variables but not be an app admin


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An analytics user needs to be an Adobe Analytics Product Admin in Adobe Admin console in order to map variables in Adobe Mobile Services. We have multiple analysts and developers who want to do the mapping but I don't want to make every an Adobe Analytics Admin giving them full range over our entire analytics platform. The permission group "Mobile App Admin" should be enough except it doesn't include being able to edit mappings. Makes no sense.

What I've tested:

I've concluded that even though I give someone access to every available permission in our Adobe Analytics profile, that user still cannot map eVars, Props, or events in Adobe Mobile services without being an Adobe Analytics product admin. There is a default Adobe product profile called "Mobile App Admin" which still only gives a user read only access. I need developers and analysts able to map variables that they have setup in Adobe Analytics report suites without having to give them admin access to the entire product sku.



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I agree that this needs to change, but strongly disagree that this is an "Idea" and that Adobe should be viewing it as one.

Based on the documentation at https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/mobile/c_mob_roles-and-permissions.html under "Mobile App Admin" saying "Manage App Settings", these areas should be editable via the "Mobile App Admin" permission. The documentation seems to indicate this is a bug and I would say it needs to be fixed, not ideated or pushed off because Launch is the new way (per my conversation with Adobe Support: "With version AEP SDK 1.x we are not really using the Mobile Interface any longer as it is being done through Launch").