Enable "equals any of" filter in segment builder

GaMeur1 06-07-2017

In segment builder, we have fiew options such as "equals", "contains", "contains all of", "contains any of", "start with", etc. but there is no RegEx and no "equals any of"...

Here is my problem:

I have a prop or an eVar containing an id. I want to filter on this prop or eVar to have only a list of specific ids.

I can't use "equals" and the "OR" operator because the list is too long and I can't add the ids one by one.

I can't use "contains any of" because it's ids, so if I enter "id contains any of 42, 1804, 23", it will return 42, 1804 and 23, but also every id containing those numbers!!! (ex. 425 because it contains 42, 623 because it contains 23, 1000018040002. because it contains 1804)

So I need a "equals any of" that would be an automatic combination of "equals" and OR, in order to match exactly the list.

I guess this would be useful for many users that could be in the same trouble I am.

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Hi there - I realize it's a little less convenient, but would a sequence like this work?


eVarX equals 42


eVarX equals 1804


eVarX equals 23

GaMeur1 16-07-2017

Hi Eric,

yes, it could work...

But as I tried to explain: you will agree that it's very unconvenient for a long list of ids...

For example, let's imagine you have a list of 50 ids. It's very unefficient to drag and drop 50 times the eVar in the segment builder and then copy and paste each id one by one...

florianag 18-04-2018

Strongly supporting this! I'm fairly surprised that's not an option available already with a RegEx type of structure