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Editing classifications across multiple report suites


Level 3


So I select a bunch of report suites and go to edit the classifications to make them consistent.


"The classifications for this report do not match for all report suites. Only classifications that match exactly can be viewed and edited across report suites."


Now wouldn't it be helpful to tell me which report suites aren't exactly the same?



Level 1


Additionally, it would be helpful to be able to edit them and make them the same across the report suites without having to go into each that are different and make them the same individually.


Level 2


I would like the ability to select any # of report suites, set the classification hierarchies, then push those updates to all of the report suites, regardless of whether they currently have consistent classifications or not. 


It is time consuming to try and figure out which sets of report suites have what, then make the updates to each of these groups in chunks- opens up add'l room for error and makes the process more time consuming over and over.


Level 1


I am still frustrated by this issue 12 years after this was initially posted. We created a new report suite and are trying to line up the classifications between our old report suite and a new suite. All three classifications are copy and pasted exactly the same, but apparently they do not line up. I'd love to see an update to this feature to help users understand why the suites are not lined up.


Level 1


@mjgood44 I am dealing with this issue right now as well. I opened a ticket with Adobe Support and I will let you know if I hear anything.