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Easier update of existing scheduled report with in ReportBuilder


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I often make tweaks to a report that I've built using ReportBuilder.  It would be nice to publish the current workbook's tweaks to a currently scheduled report.  Currently you have to delete a scheduled report and then schedule the same file with all the same information.  This way I wouldn't have to remember the distribution list, time scheduling, file format, etc. every time I make a small change to the report.


It would work like this: When you schedule a report, you have the option of overwriting, or using the same parameters as an existing scheduled report.

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You can now change any currently scheduled report through the following steps:

  1. After logging into ReportBuilder, click "Schedule"
  2. Select the scheduled task you wish to update with your tweaks
  3. Click "Edit..."
  4. Click "Select..." at the very top-right of the window (it isn't the easiest to spot)
  5. Either select the workbook that is open that contains the tweak or load the tweaked workbook from your computer.
  6. Press OK and the OK again, and you will have modified that scheduled task to contain all of your tweaks.