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Dynamic Date range Filters on Workspace Report


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Dear Team,

Currently we do not have any date ranges that are dynamic in nature and can operate on the basis of date selected in Date Filter. I had tried to custom date range which is a rolling monthly date range for last month [say 1 Mar - 31 Mar], the custom date works as current month - 1 month. Now if I set up a date filter on my report for any particular month [say 1 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018], the custom date range range still reflects data for 1 Mar - 31 Mar but I expect the data to be displayed for 1 Sep - 30th Sep (Date selected-1 month). My assumption is any custom date range works on CURRENT DATE and NOT selected date in date filter of report.
Could you create a functionality to change custom date filter to show data based on Date Range selected on Report and NOT CURRENT DATE.