Don't add the prefix to the Report Suite ID field after creation



When creating multiple suites with similar names at once it easily happens that you forget to remove the prefix after the first suite was created.

This creates a new suite having the prefix twice in the name. See screenshot:


If you just change the "suitename" to "suitename2" and press Create, you've created companynamecompanyname-suitename2.

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If we pre-populated the form field with the prefix, would that be an acceptable solution? This means that you would see "companyname-" in the field when accessing the page, making it clear that this prefix will be included as part of the RSID.



for the first suite it's clear that the prefix will be prepended. but after this suite is created, the content of the form field is changed to the full suite name. If you now just change 1-2 chars in the name and press Create the suite name gets the prefix again.

If you just prefill the field with the company name, you have to add an additional check if someone tries to change this prefix and you have to remove the prefixing.

So I guess showing the suitename w/o the prefix after creation is the quickest solution?