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Data WArehouse


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Description - The UI update in Data Warehouse removed the ability for all users to see all data warehouse requests. Currently non product admin users only have visibility on the data warehouse request they created.   

Why is this feature important to you - The marketing team creates multiple data warehouse request a day by copying requests of other users. 

How would you like the feature to work -  I would like to have the ability to share a data warehouse request like you would do a component.

Current Behavior - There is no way of sharing data warehouse requests

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Firstly, we should know the different of Databases (Operation DB & Date Warehouse).


Operation Database.

This database system is used to operate the daily business activities of the company. This
can be sales, finance, booking systems or any transaction events which are pivotal
to the business. This database is then called an operational database (or also known
as a transactional database).


Data Warehouse.

A data warehouse is a multidimensional view of databases with aggregates and precomputed summaries. In many ways, it is doing aggregates in advance; that is, pre-computation is being done at the design level rather than at the query level.


Focus on the word of PRE-COMPUTATION. In other words, if the business is stable and the system could do the PRE work. The DW will be only needed (Face + Dimension).