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Data Warehouse reports: Don't use my email as the default From address


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Emailed Data Warehouse reports tend to get caught in my corporate spam filter (Postini) because Omniture uses my email address as the From address. I know I can change this in advanced delivery options, but it would be cool if Omniture defaulted to blah@omniture.com (or similar) as the sender, like it does with alerts, ASI receipts and such.



Level 2


Yes this seems pretty straigh forward. Many spammers send email address "from" me "to" me so most default spam filters will catch emails from Site Catalyst.


This should also allow for setting up a default mail from profile so one can customize it to be recognized by spam filters.


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Although these posts are from four years ago, we still have the same issue. We would ask that the default From address for all email reports (Data Warehouse or Reports & Analytics) should be no-reply@omniture.com


We have to use the Advanced Delivery options every time which appears to have issues of it's own (blank window), for which we have posted a support request.