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Data Warehouse - Re-Running Prior Requests with changes


Level 10


Often we would like to go back and re-run a prior Data Warehouse request but just add/remove a column or two, perhaps just change the date range after running a test warehouse pull, etc.   It's a waste of time, and likely chance to make mistakes, having to re-define a DW request each time though.


Simply let us pull up prior requests with all fields and selections populated so we can:

   A) verify what we actually did if have issues with the results we get

   B) update the settings and re-run same request again



Level 4


I have existing datawarehouse requests in which I want to edit to include an extra field in the output.  I want to be able to go in & have all future runs to include this extra field.  I think it's ridiculous that I have to cancel & start again with a new request.  Please have the option to modify exiting data warehouse requests.