Data Sources Import against A4T variables



We're currently looking at importing offline sales data in order to help us evaluate the performance of our optimisation campaigns. 


Ideally I want to be able to look at the A4T ranked report with a number of online metrics and our offline sale metric. I've attached a screenshot which shows the standard A4T ranked report and the Sales metric that is being imported using Data Sources. 


Currently we're importing the sales metric as event11 and correlating with purchaseID, so when I look at the purchaseID report against event11 I'm seeing data as expected. However, if I try to breakdown A4T activity reporting by purchaseID and then tie to event11 it will show all as zeros. I'm assuming this is because the sales event is only correlated with the purchaseID but not the A4T activity report. 


It would be extremely useful to be able to evaluate Target campaign performance against offline data that forms a key part of the end to end purchase funnel.