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Dashboards in 14.7 also in excel/word etc.


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Compliment to the new dashboards in v14.7!

I miss one very important option for me and my users. At least 80% of the dashboards are usually downloaded and sent in excel format. PDF is only used for a small percentage. I would really appreciate if you could add this option, too.






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Just started with Omniture and would really benefit from being able to download to excel...any timetable to have this feature added?


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With the new Adobe Analytics Solutions offerings, ReportBuilder access is opened up to all users within a company. Since we had multiple offerings exporting data into Excel, we want to consolidate around our best solution. While not entirely the same experience, Excel dashboards can be created, managed, and generated through ReportBuilder. This has the added benefit of increased flexibility in the types of dashboards that can be created, as well.