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Dashboard Ownership Changes


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I would like to see the ability to transfer dashboard management to other users. With turnover inevitable, it is alarming that once a user leaves we have to recreate an entire dashboard in order to make changes. This becomes even more problematic and time consuming when those dashboards are being sent to large groups on a daily basis.



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Or the ability to edit dashboards jointly.


It's annoying to log into others' accounts to edit dashboards I've set up for them.


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just a few ideas for you

a) create and share dashboards from a team user (create a new user which is maintained by admins and it figures as sender/sharer of reports)

b) as an admin, you habe the option to "show all" reports and schedules in the lists. this way you can change workspaces/schedules without the need of login with another user ...


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You can already do this. Just go to User Management find the login and click transfer then select all the items you want to transfer and who to.