Daily Unique Visitors by Hour should be counted differently than Hourly Unique Visitors



In SC14 this was exactly how I viewed Visitor metrics; however, now with SC15 Daily Unique Visitors and Hourly Unique Visitors in an hourly report are counted exactly the same, except the total for Daily Unique is actually correct, but if you add the hours up for Daily Unique it's actually different than the total because it's Hourly Unique Visitors.


The design does not make sense because technically you could eliminate Daily Unique Visitors by hour and that would not allow the following tracking capabilities:


Daily Unique Visitors by hour: this should be daily unique visitors counted by hour, so if I arrive at 8:15am and again at 9:15am I should only be counted once at 8:15am.

Hourly Unique Visitors by hour: I arrive at 8:15am and again at 9:15am I should be counted once at 8:15am and once again at 9:15am.

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it's too bad this is not recognized as a bug