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Customize Calendar: Modified Gregorian Starting Year


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I love the customize calendar feature for a report suite but it doesn't work correctly with our fiscal calendar. We use a modified gregorian calendar but the end of our calendar year is a year forward. Can you please add the ability to select what the year should be for starting.


Our fiscal year starts in March. So calendar March 2019 is month 1 of fiscal year 2020. If I use the modified gregorian calendar option today and select first month of year as March. The reports are one year behind. (Example: calendar February 2019 is fiscal year 2018 (correct should be: fiscal 2019) and calendar March 2019 is fiscal 2019 (correct should be: fiscal 2020).


If you add a drown down option to select, year forward or year backward that would allow people to adjust based on their specific calendar. I would be surprised if people haven't had issues with this in the past.