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Custom Menus - Friendly Names


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You do not have the ability to default to the 'friendly report name', only the 'default name'.  I would never want to use the default name (i.e. custom insight 1).  We currently have 100+ report suites that use a standard menu structure.  Each report suite might have a local variable used with a local name.  However, when I copy a menu stucture, the friendly report name will never be copied.


Can you make the 'friendly report name' an option when copying menu structures?

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@myquan14 : That's a good point and a good question. Typically the system does not allow report suite-specific values (or values that are often report suite specific) to be copied from one suite to another. This is similar to how segments currently are report suite-specific, even if prop1 is the same thing in one suite as in another suite. It's a great suggestion and something we definitely want to fix/improve. Thanks for submitting; we'll keep an eye on it. 

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