Custom Event Annotations



Existing Functionality: Custom events can represent a very large number of actions, from the general to the specific. Without training or documentation, there's no easy way within the interface for Omniture SiteCatalyst users to know what a specific custom event represents.

Idea: Provide administrators the ability to add annotations for custom events, which would be displayed within the metrics header of report details via the '?' annotation icon. See the attached image for how its already done for some standard events such as Click-throughs.  The annotations could also be referenced on the custom event within the Metric Selector window. An additional option would be for users to check a box when exporting a report for a glossary of event/metric definitions to be appended to the report.

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Yes!!!  WebTrends has a help card to serve this purpose and we use it extensively.



I would add that this should be extended to all SiteCatalyst variables.  Admins should be able to put notes in the Admin Console explaining each variable and the end-user should be able to see these notes if desired when looking at a report.  This woudl be preferable to the current "Notes" functionality...



Excellent point Adam. It would be very beneficial to add custom annotations to all variables, not just custom events.




Archiving due to age and relevance. If this is still something that is desired while using the latest version of Analytics/Analysis Workspace, I'd highly recommend creating a new idea and linking this idea there. Thanks!