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.csv export for all the data in the dashboard


Level 3


Currently, the .csv export from a dashboard includes only data that is presented in tables, not data behind graphs and charts for which the table has been hidden.

I believe it is more logical and it would be more useful if the .csv contained all the data that is used in the dashboard (as you would have in an Excel file a tab with the graphs, and a tab with the source tables).

I would like to send a dashboard that is as visual as possible, I find that tables tend to overload it. Unfortunately, if I send a dashboard to a client without the table, s/he always comes back asking how to retrieve all the data.

At the moment, as a workaround, I unhide all tables in the dashboard, download the .csv, and send that along with a link to the dashboard... But then the client is not able to have the data if s/he changes something (time range, segment, etc....).