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Create User Groups Based on Segments


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We have one site that houses content for many clients. We want to give access to each of those clients, but legally, we can’t allow them to see each other’s data.


Right now, I'm able to create user groups and restrict access to data by report suite. If I had an additional option when creating a user group to restrict access by a report suite AND a segment, that would help.


Seems like there would be a recurring need for Adobe’s agency accounts to make use of this.

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Level 2


Apparently this Idea has been done a long time ago.

For us this would be a feature that solves our current problem with our agencies and their accounts.

More and more Critical Data is inserted into Adobe Analytics and agencies should only have access to the visitors that are generated by this agency (SEA, Display, Email, etc..)


Currently there is no option to limit an account based on a segment.

Limitation-options are only "variable" / "event" based.


Hope this can get a "under review" status.