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Create a filer that lists what metrics/dimensions are available to use for an Event


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Description - Create a filter that lists what metrics/dimensions are available to use for an Event

Why is this feature important to you - We have lot of events in our data source and looking for a dimension that lists what are the metrics/dimensions available of that event. This way it will be easy for users to use the Tool and understand the data.

How would you like the feature to work - We can have a dimension that list all the metrics

Current Behavior - Right now users are looking manually to individual field 

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Hi @ramadevikilari 


Adobe Analytics primarily provides dimensions and metrics through reports and the reporting interface, not through the creation of custom dimensions that list available metrics and dimensions.


Here's how you might go about accomplishing this within Adobe Analytics:


Custom Report:

You can create a custom report that focuses on a specific event and its associated metrics and dimensions. In this report, you can add the event as a dimension and then select relevant metrics and dimensions to visualize. While this won't create a single dimension that lists all available metrics and dimensions, it will give you a report that showcases the data associated with the event.



Create a segment that filters the data specifically for the event you're interested in. Then, apply this segment to different reports to see the available metrics and dimensions for that event. This will allow you to explore data relevant to that event across various dimensions.


Data Feeds:

Adobe Analytics provides data feeds that allow you to extract raw data from the platform. You could potentially set up a data feed to export the available metrics and dimensions associated with specific events. This would require some technical setup and might not be as user-friendly as the other options.


API Integration:

If you're comfortable with coding and API integration, you can use the Adobe Analytics API to programmatically retrieve a list of available metrics and dimensions for a specific event. This would give you more control over the data extraction process.


Remember that Adobe Analytics is primarily designed to analyze and report on data, rather than providing a feature for creating custom dimensions that list available metrics and dimensions. The methods described above are workarounds to help you explore the data associated with a specific event from different angles.