Count Unique instances of a Evar in Report Builder



My company enjoys the funnel perspective presented when you look at: Visits --> Unique Visitors --> Customer IDs


But to automate this in a Report Builder report, is has become a manual process. As we advance up the Maturity Model for Analytics and identify the questions that we want answered we have now pushed the limits of what Excel and Report Builder can handle, as we well over 50,000 Cust IDs in a week, and when we want to break it down by our marketing channels and customer segments the 42 Report builder requests crash program. I need the number of unique Cust IDs over a time period at the aggregate level, not a list of all the cust ids.


Also I find it incongruent that this is information I can extract the list of cust ids from the DW manually, but not in the console or especially report builder. But I am still left with a list to count, not a de-duped aggregate number.


I would love to see the functionality added to report builder to count the number of unique occurrence of an evar. Essentially summing the number of elements an evar has of a period of time and then being able to dedupe them.


Allowing for ability to count Evars as a metric would solve a significant problem for my organization who chooses not to use the unique visitor variable.

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I think technically this is already there.  You can select Unique Visitors as the metric, and it will get the unique "instances" during the time period you select, or in this case it will only capture one instance per visitor.  Instead of reporting on this as unique visitors, just report on it as unique instances, as it will give you exactly what you need.  And note that this is only available as of SC v15.



You must trade one measure for the other if I implemented it your way.


Many unique visitors can share the same customer ID. i.e. you log on from the office, home, and mobile device. For that reason we do not want to use the Unique Visitor Setting in Sitecat, because of all the information we would be losing.  Essentially you are married to either the default setting or the customized Unique visitor variable, and cannot have both simultaneously.


If you could have multiple, that would solve the problem, but as of now, being able to count elements in report builder will get me what i need.



We are currently running having the same need. With measuring customer activity across web and apps we need to be able to have the unique number of eVar values (customer ID's) in SiteCatalyst and Report Builder. Also calculated metrics should be able to have this as one of the variables. (e.g.. number of devices per customer).



I think this is an ideal solution for many advertisers who need to drill down further than just uniques. Imagine how much more powerful our decisions could be if we knew which devices a users was using, how many, and how frequently on each?




With the latest release of Adobe Analytics we have included a count function which will count the rows in a dimension for a given metric. This combined with some clever segments should allow you to get at what you are trying to do. Just remember to use Unique Visitors as you metric.



Justin/Ben - I hope this is still on the roadmap, whilst recent update allows for row count of selected dimension report, it's not ideal/great ...


eg. by site show no. of unique article counts along with a percentage that did not specify author

1. For this to work specific dimension report along with a standard metric has to be selected ie. having to request data (aritcleids, and standard metric) that aren't to be used/shown

2. Can't correlate ie. in this instance we'd want articleid (dimesion) count by site (dimension) .. so the only other alternative is by applying segments (site) .. not great when you have 140+ sites.