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Copy Workspace Visuals Across Projects


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We have created a lot of workspace projects to date and we continue to build more and more.  Having the ability to copy workspace visuals/freeforms from project to project would allow us to speed up our development and make our team more efficient.

Similar to how Excel, it would great to add a 'right click' option to the visual header and see an option for 'duplicate visual in another project'

once selected a list of projects could come up to be selected and then the user could select 'copy to top' or 'copy to bottom' of the existing project.

Again, something like this would help reduce the 'rework' that occurs when trying to combine two separate projects as a story telling medium.

here is an example.

I created a project that summarizes the total number of server calls that come into the RS for the past 30 days.

I created a separate project that tells me what % of total server calls had prop1 included. (I believe there is an excel audit tool that does something similar, I just built my own in workspace).

the issue is the 2nd project doesn't have the visuals from the first, so I'm consistently trying to toggle between the too to reconcile & optimize my implementation.  Yes, I could 'recreate' what I did in the previous project in the 2nd project, but why manually replicate something I've already created.

Being able to copy visuals from one project and paste them in another would be extremely helpful.



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You can do this, but it takes a smidgen of hacking. I just figured it out today, so I thought I'd see if someone else had the same issue.

For some reason, Adobe doesn't handle sessions well. In the URL, copy the session (after "Session="and before &) from one tab and then paste it into the session in another. Then when you copy a panel from one, you can paste it into another.

It could be that someone else is causing this to work for me, so here's my exact flow: Copy panel, copy session ID from the tab where I copied the panel, paste Session ID into the other tab, and then paste the panel.

If I'm right that it's the session ID, then you should be able to copy a visualization, close that project, open the other project, and paste. It could be that just refreshing the page (after I paste in the session ID) is what enables the pasting.


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Also, would be great to have the possibility to copy project elements (or even clone entire projects) among different login companies.

Unfortunately richardhoff workaround doesn't work when you go from one login company to another one.


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Is this working for folks? I'm only getting the "Insert Copied Panel" option within the same project. I don't get that option at all when trying to paste a copied panel into a different project.