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Configurable Alert Run Time


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Hi all, 


We like to change the time at which alerts fire when monitoring traffic for the previous day - i.e. using the daily alert granularity.


One of our most extensive uses cases for alerts is for monitoring the integrity of our data. We use classifications extensively and have segments that depend on them so having alerts set up to monitor any issue in classifying a particular eVar would be invaluable.  We have set up several alerts like this as a proof of concept but we are having a couple of issues with the current behaviour. Currently, alerts fire at ~ 00:30 for the previous day. This only gives 30 mins after the end of the day for any classification processing to catch-up. This results frequent alerts firing for false positives. We receive the email for the alert at 00:30 but by the time the alert is checked during working hours the classification processing has caught up and the workspace we have set up to monitor these alerts suggests that the alert should not have fired.


One way to get around this would be to allow the alerts to fire later the following day. I have suggested making this configurable in the Alert builder. This would allow us to experiment with different times to determine which works best for us. 






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I gave that other idea an upvote (as well as this one).. with Classifications only processing every 4-6 hours, it makes the alerts almost useless for that classification data...


You are completely correct, this would lead to a lot of false positives...