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Component Permission Improvements: Allow items to be attached to multiple suites, or allow virtual suites to inherit


Community Advisor


Description -

Permissions for segments / calculated metrics / etc are explicitly connected to the one suite under which it is created. On the surface, this makes sense... but many companies use Virtual Suites to control access to specific sites or regional variations within their global footprint... however, unless those users are granted access to the main global suite, they cannot use/access components (even when explicitly shared to those users).


Being able to explicitly choose multiple suites on a component (particularly something based on completely "global" dimensions or metrics - like a "Referrer: Google" segment, or a PVs/Visits metric that could apply to any tagging profile) should be accessible from multiple suites. 


At the very least, there should be a way to all all virtual suites created from the main to have access, even if the main suite is not part of the user's permissions.


Creating multiple copies of a segment or metric to use on every suite or virtual suite is massive overhead - sure, the component can be copied and a new suite can replace the old; but when an update has to be made, someone has to go through every item to apply the changes (and ensure that those changes are made exactly the same and to all variants).


Segments, Calculated Metrics and other components need to be more flexible to allow us to maintain clean, optimized organization and sharing capabilities to ensure we don't have to repeat work and effort unnecessarily. 


Why is this feature important to you -

The Components have come a long way from how they used to be, but there is still room for improvement to allow proper cross suite usage and permissions.


Admins shouldn't have to choose between proper suite permission settings or having to duplicate efforts (and making maintenance so much harder) in order to ensure their users can access the segments or calculated metrics they need.


How would you like the feature to work -

I would like there to be a multi-suite selection available on components... where an item uses something specific to one tagging profile, this would allow only one or 2 suites to be connected. But for truly shared contents, being able to select all matching suite profiles would be best. There could also be an option to "auto-select" all sub-virtual suites from a global suites as part of the permission levels.


Current Behaviour -

Only one suite can be selected per component...  while the components can be used on any suite, they can only be used if the user has permissions to the main selected suite of the component.... 


The Select Tracking Suite should be a multi-selection list, not just a single selection.