Cohort table: Missing data, need +0 column


There appears to be a huge gap in the data returned in the cohort table.

If the inclusion criteria differs from the return criteria, there is no way in the cohort table to find out how many completed the return criteria in less that one period (e.g. 0+ days, 0+ month etc.)

It would be incredibly useful to get at this information.  Please can you consider adding a +0 column?

NOTE: the 'Included' column does not represent what I am asking for, as the the include criteria is often different the return criteria.



P.S. the Jan 2019 changes to the cohort table are awesome! - It could be even better if you sorted this out 🙂

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ABmagic 24-01-2019

I agree. Love the new changes and enhancements, but we lose sight of the visitors who meet the return criteria same day/month/week, etc. Highly recommend this enhancement!! Voted up!

joyces6329103 17-09-2019

Also agree. This option would make latency tables much more useful.

mariannes108788 20-05-2020

Completely agree with this.