ClientCare should know my company name



Every time I open a ticket with ClientCare, they come back asking for my company name (and often report suite name).

They should know this from my name or email address, and it is annoying because it slows down the resolution process!

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Especially since you're a supported user!


I'm guessing there are some consulting companies that deal with multiple clients at multiple organizations, so that's why they ask. But if your email address is the supported user for only a single organization, they really shouldn't need to.




I'd say you're both right - ClientCare should totally know more about you, but there are consultants who are supported users for bunches of companies. Seems to me if you're only a supported user for one company, it shouldn't be difficult to figure out the details.


Over the years on the consulting side, I got into the habit of always including:

Company Name, Report Suite, Username

with every first email to ClientCare@adobe.




Totally agreed Eric, perhaps I can share some insight here:


  • As mentioned above, some supported users belong to several login companies (such as large corporations who use multiple companies, or consultants who have access to multiple login companies
  • Some organizations utilize many report suites, often in the hundreds.
  • Customer Care's CRM system has no way to differentiate whether you're a user with access to only one login company/report suite or multiple companies with hundreds of report suites.

As a best practice, even if it has nothing to do with the issue at hand, always include your login company, report suite, and username. The agent often uses this information to reproduce the issue in question.


If you provide the agent with the above info and exact steps to replicate the issue so they can see it on their end, the next response from them will almost always result in either an answer or an indication that they've escalated a bug to engineering.



If it is best practice, then maybe they should be added as fields to the form (or ideally, maybe present the proper fields depending on which product you are having issues with)?  That would save some time going back and forth if you forget.



Appreciate what you've said @Russ, however as @MikeT1 says improving the form on the client care portal to ask for this at the beginning would be great - something as basic as prefilling the text field with a template to fill in. Similarly there are those who email clientcare@adobe then providing a template within the help section would probably help a lot.



I was on maternity leave for 2 years and the issue looks still unsolved. ClientCare is asking for the report suite, they should know because we only use 1 in 99% of cases...



When will it launch (as shown in the video, link above)? Does not work for me yet...




It’s live for customer care supported users. Reach out to your admins or CSM if you are not marked as a supported user today.

We would like to extend this functionality to all users in the future as well.



Hello jen.lasser​!

You should not be marking an idea as "delivered" before having it tested thoroughly. Can you change back the status?

ClientCare said:

the option "submit support ticket" has a reported permanent bug and our engineering team is already working to get this corrected (long term procedure).

[Incident: 190730-000697]