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Clickmap - should I just use ClickTale


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It's been years since ClickMap worked, wondering if it will ever come back. If not should we invest in other products like ClickTale, and then poses questions about other things like multi-channel attribution and tag management. I thought Adobe listened to customers, and I thought by now ClickMap would have been released. No wonder why google analytics is getting marketshare back.


Please can we look at releasing a new version of clickmap. 





The concept of contextual page analytics is definitely part of our thinking for the future. Apologies if it seems like we haven't been listening.


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You havent been listening ben, if you had it would have been in, im definitely considering using other tools, unless this can be escalated. I've raised this for the past 2 years with my account managers, and nothing has been done. Seriously, I need someone to contact me or give me a timeframe when this is in. I can't convince people internal for using Adobe anymore if we get responses like these, its just a poor response. 


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I started twitting about this a year ago too.  The fact is Adobe has been developing a Clickmap 3.0, it's just the project died half way.  To be fair, revamping Clickmap takes time, and sadly, the bigger the company, the slower the innovations.  Adobe is more and more like IBM, HP and Microsoft, which innovation has to come from acquisitions, and this is perfectly fine and normal.  I love..so..love their recent Tag Management acquisition.   Adobe still has one of the most holistic solution out there, better than anything I've seen.  Hey, if you are only doing analytics, go use GA. But if you are doing Search, testing, Social, Content Management and more, Adobe is still one of the best. 


With all said and done, as a user of SiteCatalyst, I would love to be surprised with a new heatmap.  I want my layman users to be amazed.  It is becoming difficult to defend a tool when a part of it is so 1990s.


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I understand what you mean about big companies and taking a bit longer to make changes or improvements. I hope Adobe can start moving a bit quicker - because heatmap has been 4 years out of date now and have been hearing it was coming ages ago then it was off then back on, would love if someone from Adobe could give me an answer if heat map is coming otherwise we might need to start looking for other analytic solutions. 


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It has been a long time coming but a new version is finally here.

It is now called Activity Map.

Activity Map is available to all Adobe Analytics Standard and Premium customers.

Activity Map can be downloaded on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and comes loaded with new features:

- Many metrics to choose from,

- Segmentation,

- Page Flow Reporting

- CSV Export

- Live mode with minute trends,
Additionally, we have worked intensively on enhancing the quality and consistency of the link data that is collected. As such, Activity Map requires websites to be upgraded to the AppMeasurement v1.6 library.

I hope that you will like it.


Thank you for your patience.