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Ability to determine where standard components are used


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Description - Allow ability to determine where standard components are used in AA & CJA

Why is this feature important to you -  It's often valuable to have insight where components are used.  This information is available for segments/filters and calculated metrics but not for other dimensions such as props, eVars, standard metrics, etc.

How would you like the feature to work - Similar to filter/segment search or calculated metric search, have the ability to add a used in column in other views such as props, evars, data view component search, etc.

Current Behaviour - Currently not available except for segment/filters or calculated metrics (without building API tool)



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Agreed!  The #DataDictionary was the first and very basic step in working with things like this, but I believe this would be taking things to the next logical level.


Also, for people viewing these ideas, a LIKE means a VOTE for getting this idea moved higher up in Adobe's visibility toward potentially getting it implemented.


I've come back to view this again today, and it's only been liked 3 times, yet it's had 83 views!!


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This is definitely needed! When we're doing audits/clean ups of our tracking, being able to see if various props or evars are actually being used would be extremely helpful. Having a set-up similar to what they added for calculated metrics and segments would be amazing.