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I have to say this is a good and solid new release.


However I believe on the “Add Rule Set” we need to have a ability to filter by RSID, lets say your working with a large organization and they have different RSID defined based on locations like USA, UK, France, DK. They all have different marketing teams with different set of goals in mind but all use the same eVar number. By having some sort of RSID filter we can easily look for that global eVar by filtering the RSID, this can reduce errors and mistakes. Having a large list is not a good option.

Please let me know what you think....


Many thanks.


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This is a great suggestion, but I'd like to understand you it a little better. Would you mind helping explain it a little more?


When you say that different marketing teams use the same eVar number for different goals, are you saying that they are assigning different names to these eVar numbers. Are you hoping for the the France team to be able to only select their variables, based on an ability to filter by their report suite? Is this the request or something different?