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Classification of the Type of mobile device


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It would be useful to have a classification of the mobile devices that already appear in SiteCatalyst into more meaningful groups such as “tablet,” “smart phone,” and “other phone.” It may also be useful to break "smart phone" down by whether people have a physical keyboard or not. In the coming months there will be many tablets coming out, and the number of different smart phones grows by the day. It will be difficult to maintain a list of these types of classifications on our own. I would imagine that most people in the Omniture community could benefit from a classification like this.

As mobile traffic continues to be a greater portion of site traffic, it will become increasingly important to be able to understand what features of our site are working well on what types of devices, and what features should be re-worked to better serve our customers no matter which device they are using.





Thanks for posting this idea Alyson. We're currently investigating this and expanding it beyond mobile to digital home or other non-PC type devices, gaming consoles, internet TV devices, etc.  I'll update the status once we have a better idea on our plans.


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Any new info on tracking interactive tv and/or connected tv in Omniture? Would this fall under mobile/wireless, internet, or "other" video content tracking and metrics? Hopefully we'd be able to include device tracking, service type, browser type (if applicable), visitor traffic and conversion events...


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Great idea. Seems simple enough after speaking with Client Care. All devices are manually entered into a database by known user agents strings. Add one more field for Device Type and we're there.