Change 'unspecified' or 'none' in reports to our own labels



When you look at something like the device type report, you get 'unspecified'. Wouldn't it be nice to change 'unspecified' to 'desktop' (because that is what it is)??

Or change 'none' in your other reports to something like 'data doesn't pertain to this report' or something a bit more pithy (because we all know that 'none' just means that the data has nothing to do with the report)??

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It doesn't fix the core issue, but one useful tidbit of knowledge that sometimes people don't know is that you can classify the "None" item. So if you don't want to see the None in a classification report you can change it to whatever you want by uploading a row in SAINT. I believe this is documented in the Help section somewhere. Doesn't address the issue of the non-classified reports though.



Thanks. My comment and frustration was more behind the reports that are NOT classifications (at least myself as a power user didn't create the classification, Omniture did like the States report).



In v15, I too would like to see what is being read as "other" in the Mobile > Device Types report as "Desktop/Laptop" although there is no way to change this by classification. At least this is what I have been informed by Client Care. Do let me know if there is a work around?