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Calendar / Rolling Dates Improvements in Workspace


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I'd like some improvements to the calendar in workspaces that would increase quality of life / productivity:

  1. The ability to drag select a date range like in the Reports menu. I used this a great deal as it was the fastest way to select a short time period
  2. The ability to select a month or year title and it select that time frame immediately, again, like in the Reports menu
  3. The ability to write the rolling date statement I want into two boxes, like report builder. e.g. cd-364d, cw-1d, cw-4w etc.
  4. When I edit a rolling date period, I want the start and end periods to show the current selection, rather than starting from a blank template of "Start of current day (none)", as shown below. If analytics already knows I've got 91 days selected, and it knows the start and end time, I'm sure it can figure out a statement, or even just record the statement in the date range. I'd expect that were #3 to be developed