Calendar Events to reflect in workspace charts



Hi everyone,

Beginning of 2020(1st & 2nd Jan), we observed no data collection for all report suites & Adobe engineering team identified the issue pertaining to -getTimeParting plug-in.


To notify all the users in our organization, we use 'Calendar events' in Reports & Analytics, but it would be great to have the same feature in Analysis Workspace.

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Yes, I would love to upvote this! We encountered the same issue. We have switched to only sending projects through Analysis Workspace. This feature in analysis workspace would be essential for us.


Our office has been closed through the New Year so we did not even see this issue was occurring until today. It would have been great to receive a courtesy notice from Adobe that many users were having this issue...



I know it's "on the roadmap" and they have been testing this feature but it would be good to get an update from Adobe on when this is actually going to be rolled out. It's been a good couple of years since the idea was initially floated and seems like a relatively simple yet extremely beneficial feature to have across the board.



Yes! There are always outages, and there's no way to communicate these to end users in context (i.e., where they might actually see the FYI.)



Perhaps communication can take place in the same way we receive notes about monthly updates. 


Also, I found somewhat of a workaround for calendar events/annotations. You can create a calculated metric using the day container (= jan 1 or 5 in this instance) with occurrences as the dimension. After adding the calculated metric to your freeform table within analysis workspace set the metric to display using the gear icon, adjust the column setting to "interpret zero as no value".

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