Calculations in Workspace

mark_johnson3 20-07-2016

It would be great if calculations could be performend in workspace.

For example the delta between 'column' 1 for 'yeserday' and column 2 for 'same day previous week' being able to add a column whihc is % change, calculated on the fly.

It would be really good if this could work like 'Worksheet' in workbench. So actually you can perform a calculation based on a 'cell' within workspace to calculate anything you need on the fly.



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benjamingaines2 21-07-2016

This is on our backlog for consideration in an upcoming release. 

mark_johnson3 02-09-2016

Thanks for the update on this Ben, great that its under review. 


Just to add to what I put earlier, I think this is a real potential for differentiation between Adobe and Google. 


When Calculated metrics and their capability came in that was a game changer, i think whilst building the 'Worksheet' capability into workspace, could you also consider exposing the functions and statistical functions to this. That would be very useful. 




Antti_Ko 19-09-2016

Supporting this request strongly! You can do wonderful things, including % calculations, with calculated metrics builder, but that is always manual process, so this kind of "on the fly calculation" feature would save lots of time.


I believe this is partially (or fully?) solved by Quick Calculated Metrics in Analysis Workspace | Adobe Analytics - YouTube