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Bring the Page Summary report to Analysis Workspace


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Hello fellow Adobe-pros,

With the new Workspace landing page beta, it is quite apparent that Reports & Analytics will become more and more obsolete. And I'm a big fan of that! But still, there are some things that I would love to have in Workspace to make life a lot easier for our business users.

One of those features is the Page Summary report in R&A: 


For business users who just want a quick overview over a certain page (or other pathing-enabled prop) this feature is super helpful! We have something similar in Activity Map, which is also quite cool:


Luckily, from my point of view, it should be a relatively simple task to bring this to Workspace. As a basic replacement, we would just need a Line Chart, a Flow visualization, and some metrics in a dedicated panel. I'm thinking of something similar to the Quick Insights panel, which is super user-friendly:


We could reuse a lot here. The Metrics selector wouldn't even be necessary! What we would need:

  • A dimension item selector that supports drag-and-drop from the component rail
  • The existing segment selector
  • The existing date range selector

Upon building the panel, we would get a line chart with the performance of the dimension item over time and a date comparison, a Flow viz with the next and previous item, as well as some standard metrics like Occurrences, Visits, Unique Visitors, Time Spent, Single Access, etc. That would be some awesome value for a first iteration!


On a second iteration, we would ideally also have the option to have a tabular representation of the next and previous item. All we need is an automatically created segment in a Freeform Table (see https://www.fullstackanalyst.io/blog/web-analytics/analysis-workspace-hacks-next-and-previous-page-r... for a way to create that segment out of the Flow viz). To make the metrics section more useful in that second iteration, it should now also include dimension-specific metrics like instances of a certain Evar.


A third iteration would go even further. Instead of just a table with the next and previous item, we would get the Pathing IQ feature (https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-ideas/next-and-previous-page-in-wor...) I proposed a while ago. Also, the metrics section would get an awesome overhaul by using an existing feature: tags! In addition to the generic metrics from iteration 1 and instances from iteration 2, we would now also include metrics that have the same tags as the used dimension item. So, if a dimension is tagged with "Marketing", we would pull in all the metrics that are also tagged with "Marketing". That would bring even more context to the analysis and help us to customize the report to our own business needs.


Let me know what you think!



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I agree with Frederick’s recommendations. Page reporting traditionally is cumbersome and having a easier way for novice users to simply build basic page flows is essential. “Flow” is a nice workspace component but most get lost in the detail or fight with the configuration to get simple page path reporting. We are building custom components using our raw data feed but would like to see pathing get more attention in workspace. Great suggestions! 


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Totally agree with this recommendation. Users at my company really miss having an easy way to pull a LIST view of previous and next pages for a specific page. Flow charts are great for visualization, but not for going in depth nor for reporting out.'

I would also suggest that this be possible for more than just the PAGE report. Many of us have variations of page names in eVars - for example with/without country - and would like to see a list for the Page report, but also for that eVar
Thanks for the suggestion, Frederik!




We plan to add this report to the new landing page section of reports. We just ran out of time to get it in there before the beta. Once it is out there, please provide any feedback or suggestions for improvement. 

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Awesome, can't wait to see it! I hope it will be as easy to use as the quick insights panel for novice users