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Bring the Full Paths Report to Analysis Workspace


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Hello fellow Adobe-pros,

Another feature request to make all our lives a lot easier: Please, bring Full Path reports from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace. That report is super helpful to understand how users move through a page in general and from a given point:


What I would like to have is quite simple: A full path dimension for every dimension in Workspace! That dimension would hold the paths through that dimension for a given session with values like "Entry -> Homepage -> Product Page -> Exit". Ideally, this value would be calculated when the report runs, so that segments are also respected. For example, if I would exclude all Hits on the homepage, the dimension would then show "Entry -> Product Page -> Exit". Ideally, we would also have the option to search this dimension in a clever way, like with the old PathFinder report:



With a report like this, it would be super easy to train our business users to do in-depth pathing analysis on their own. As the owner of a certain landing page or checkout step, it would now be super simple to understand the most relevant,complete user journeys surrounding a certain page. I'd love to have this!


As always, let me know what you think of this!



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YES!  This is a report I've relied heavily upon in the past.  Making this readily available and visible through Workspace makes it easier for ALL of us!