Bring back Paid Search as a dimension in V15 Segmentation



I'm assuming this is more of a bug than a feature request.


We can no longer create segments that filter traffic to Paid or Natural Search because the "Paid Search" dimension is no longer available in the dropdown box.

Where is Paid Search.png


Even sillier, the pre-configured segments still exist and work properly. 


Visits from Paid Search.png


According to ClientCare, this isn't just a bug for me, but for all SiteCatalyst users. 


Please bring back Paid Search as a dimension

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So maybe I'm crazy and this was never in SiteCatalyst v15 before, but ... ISN'T IT RIDICULOUS THAT IT WASN'T IN SITECATALYST BEFORE???


Why can we not create segments based on Paid Search? Insane